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Six people have been arrested in France over the theft of a Banksy mural that was stolen from the Bataclan concert hall in Paris.

The mural, which shows a veiled female figure staring mournfully downwards, was found at a farmhouse in central Italy earlier this month, nearly a one-and-a-half years after it was removed.

Two of those arrested are under formal investigation on suspicion of theft.

The other four are suspected of concealing theft, a judicial source told Reuters on Saturday.

It is thought the thieves used portable grinders to remove the fire-exit door on which the mural was painted before carrying it off in a van.

The Bataclan, one of Paris’ best-known rock venues, was stormed by militants during a concert in November 2015, as part of coordinated attacks around the city that killed 130 people.

Stolen Bataclan memorial Banksy recovered in Italy